Legal Disclaimer and Copyright Information

This website and its contents are the copyright of the artist Annemarie C Morley (aka Charlie) © 2006

Use of images held on this website

Annemarie C. Morley retains the copyright to all representations of her artwork held on this website (herein referred to as 'The Representations'). Persons viewing this site are entitled to view The Representations for information purposes only. The Representations may be downloaded for personal non-profit use only. All commercial and/or public use of The Representations is strictly prohibited.


Limitations of digital reproduction

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the images on this website reflect the original artworks as faithfully as possible, variations from the originals will occur due to the processes used, the viewing technology and the display environment. Therefore the images representing the original artworks within this website should be considered and treated as a guide only.